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. >> when does it obama -- when is it obama's watch? >> and second, what he did when he came into office, what this white house did was, again, put in a program to bring us back from the brink of economic collapse. >> ok, we get that part. >> everything that was nut there, tax cuts -- brenda: i night interrupt -- >> tax cuts for small businesses, all of that -- brenda: marie, i'm sorry. can't -- hold on, guys! please! don't step on this great tease. we're going talk about this in the next segment. because we are so pressed. yeah, we know! we know what you're going bring up! nancy pelosi already in the holiday spirit. she says she wants to give america a special christmas present, but the neil cavuto gang tells her why americans can't afford it. but first, did democrats just say the $787 billion stimulus has failed? remember when@ christmas was magical? let's get back there. santa's wonderland at bass pro shops has@ what we've all been missing: with the arcades, elves, and even a free picture with santa. >> from america's news headquarters, good morning, everyone. i'm jamie colby. preside
:30 eastern time, president obama is scheduled for a rare weekend visit to capitol hill. he will meet with the democratic caucus. wendell will goer is live on -- goller is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. jamie: tell us a little bit about what happened overnight and why the abortion issue must be dealt with in order for the democrats to get what they want this complete overhaul of health care. >> well, it means the votes of about 40 pro-life democrats. and that could be enough to pass the health reform bill given that it's not going to receive, it appears, any support from republican members of congress, as you say. michigan congressman bart stupak proposed extending the hyde amendment which bans the use of federal money to pay for abortions for whatever emerges as a health reform bill here. that has given the democratic congressional leadership, in particular house speaker nancy pelosi, some confidence as they actually will have enough votes to pass the measure. the idea would be to allow people who receive federally subsidized insurance, folks who can't o
to put people back to work. >> the estimate thing? >> this is a side issue. >> president obama brushing off reports of nearly 80,000 bogus stimulus jobs created or saved. but when it comes to bad accounting for business, you're out of business. bad accounting on your i.r.s. form, you're out of luck. bad accounting by the government? no problem. eric, you say this is hypocrisy at its worst? >> total political hypocrisy. a side issue? a side issue? you're talking about 60,000 jobs that you fakely created. >> fakely? >> that's a word. >> all right. >> you're talking about $6.4 billion spent in 440 congressional districts that don't exist, a side issue? president, you've gone after wall street. listen. if people are doing things wrong on wall street, i'm all for it, get rid of them. but don't call spending billions of dollars of our taxpayer money and losing it or being less than transparent on it a side issue. brian: the reports are that there are 80,000. eric had it. he was underestimating. 80,000 bogus jobs. a side issue? >> it's 10% of the jobs reported. the way that the jobs are being
-regulate. but hththo the obama administration has seen that senator ho boston, we tried to jump in and we made a mess of wall street. let the free market figure this out. and it will over time. whether the climategate emails are true or not, the making of pressure bed hard the whole month -- >> as far as wall street, wall street created a massive mess. >> gary b. let's hear from gary b. go ahead. >> well, i tell you that >> i understand tobi's point. the fen this tr ever tr and ups doesn't think tho i think in this case, this is the one time i might think that the government as a whole, if you believe in all this comic stuff knife weigh in. no one in the building hears about the bluing. >> wait a minute gary b. pat dorsey. [laughter] >> i'm loving the landlord analogy by the way. companies will do what is economically ration gnatnal. right now they don't know what's there because they have not carbon policy. >> you can plan around that. if we stayed carbon policy will be xyor c and you can't make a dig to so companies can make long diagnosises. >> ip foip here's the impossible thing. this can't be ju
cannot afford not to do this. this is something that barack obama campaigned on. he's fulfilling his campaign promise. and all of the democrats want to get this done, and a lot of republicans do. brenda: well -- >> the country needs this. >> because? >> because it's going overall lower costs for everyone. people aren't going to be showing up at the emergency room with a cough and a broken leg and a broken arm, you know? they really are not going to be able to free up emergency rooms for real emergencies, not of the uninsured. brenda: toby, you are shaking your head. you think her math makes much sense? >> you know, this is erroneous here, and i would just use the facts to make my case. number one that i love is they said they're going cut $2 hundred billion out of medicare, right? well, we had a bill started in 1997. it was passed by the congress, said it would cut $2 billion out for medicare. problem, is every time they got to orkt the doctors were boo hoo, we're not going to get paid, and they reversed it. there's nothing in this bill that says they can't reverse t. number two, the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)